About Us

Founded in 1999, Aradon Ltd is a leading UK-based technology company specialising in the development of secure, global web based systems that help make life easier for all that use them. These include business continuity, Cyber security, Data backup and Organiser solutions.

Aradon has a great reputation for providing easy to use, reliable services and Its flagship solution, is a secure computer backup system that delivers compliant business continuity and disaster recovery for the SME business sector and meets UK data protection and regulatory requirements. The service is widely used by many industry sectors, including recruitment, dental, financial, legal and insurance companies throughout the world.

Aradon's consumer solution, is a DIGITAL filing cabinet that HELPS ORGANISE YOUR INFORMATION so you can ACCESS IT ON THE GO via any device (Smartphone, Computer, Tablet).

• 24/7 instant worldwide access to your details

• Unlimited storage into your simple to use digital filing system

• A filing cabinet, address book and password manager in one convenient App - Makes backing up EASY! - Quick access to your information from anywhere, via any device! - for complete protection against hacking, ransomware & all cyber threats! - visit our Facebook page